Stag with willow-tree/50x40cm/mixed media


Love is in the air/50x35cm/mixed media/      On the bank of Danube/50x35cm/mixed sold                                                                           media/sold

Predator/ 50x70cm/ pastel

Elephant bull/ 70x50cm/ pastel

Two ibex/70x50cm/mixed media

March/mixed media/sold


Nut/50x35cm/mixed media                                      Wild pig/60x50cm/mixed media


Red deer doe/50x35cm/mixed media                    Roe deer rut/50x35cm/mixed media/


Visitor on the edge of the forest/35x50cm/mixed media


Under the clouds/50x35cm/mixed media              Edelweiss/50x35cm/mixed media


Fight/50x70cm/mixed media/sold

Jump/ 70x50cm/mixed media


Alpine ibex/50x35cm/ mixed media                       King fisher/50x35cm/mixed media

sold                                                                                 sold

Fox and magpie/35x50cm/mixed media/sold

Visitors at the highseat/50x60cm/mixed media

The end of august/ 50x70cm/pastell

Roebucks/ 50x70cm/ mixed media

The old willow in the mosquito island/Memory of Béda/ 35x50cm/ pastell

Red deer /70x50xm/ mixed media

British red grouse hunting/ 70x50cm/ mixed media

Full moon/ 50x70cm/mixed media

The rabbit hole/ 35x50cm/mixed media


Hummingbird Hawk-moth and roedeer                Pheasants/ 50x35cm/mixed media

50x35cm/ mixed media/sold

Masai/ 50x70cm/ mixed media/sold

Chamois Trail/ 50x70cm/ mixed media/ sold

Black grouse/ 35x50cm/ mixed media/ sold


Lynx couple/50x30cm/mixed media   Wild boar from the "Börzsöny"/54x53cm/

sold                                                              mixed media


Three Greater White -fronted Groose                    Pheasant hunt/ 50x30cm/ mixed media

/50x30cm/mixed media                                           sold                                                              

The knight/ 50x70cm/ mixed media

Wolf family/ 35x50cm/ mixed media/ sold

Meeting in birch-wood/ 70x50cm/ mixed media/sold

Plow /70x50cm/ mixed media/ sold

Tale of the fox and the rabbit/ 50x70cm/ mixed media/ sold

Enemies/ 70x50cm/ mixed media

Rutting season/ 50x70cm/ mixed media/ sold

Roe deer/ 50x70cm/ mixed media/ sold

Camomile/ 35x50cm/ mixed media/ sold


At the acacia/50x40cm/mixed media                  At the forest/50x35cm/mixed media

sold                                                                             sold


Ibex/50x35cm/mixed media                              Chamois d'Abruzzo/50x35cm/mixed media

sold                                                                          sold

Look the warrior's/ 35x50cm/ mixed media

His majesty the King/ 50x35cm/ mixed media/ sold

Portrait/ 50x50cm/ mixed technique.


Wood gouse/ 34x25cm/ mixed technique/ sold

On the night of the demons/ 50x70cm/ mixed technique.

Dagga boy/38x50cm/ mixed technique/sold


Morning buck/35x27cm/mixed technique        Behind the tree/35x27cm/mixed technique

sold                                                                             sold

Night in the pine forest / 70x50cm / mixed technique

View from the tarn / 30x50cm / mixed technique/ sold


On the meadow/50x30cm/mixed technique      Wildboar on the waterfron/50x30cm/

 sold                                                                             mixed technique/ sold

Dust storm / 35x50cm / mixed technique

The prey/ 34x50cm/ mixed technique / sold

Black rhinoceros/ 34x50cm/ mixed technique/ sold

Disputation in the water/ 34x50cm/ mixed technique/ sold

The smell of winter/ 40x50cm/ mixed technique / sold


Warrior/ 60x80cm/ mixed technique

Mountain conference/ 40x50cm/ mixed technique / sold


July/ 50x40cm/ mixed technique                         December/ 50x40cm/ mixed techique


Roedeer in Art Nouveau-style/21x30cm      Ornament/50x35cm/mixed technique/sold

mixed technique / sold

After lunch/ 50x35cm/ mixed technique / sold

On the edge of the cliffs/ 70x50cm/ mixed technique/ sold

Weimaraner/ 60x80cm/ mixed technique/ sold

Dinner guest/ 50x40cm/ mixed technique/ sold

Hakuna Matata / 46x33cm/ mixed technique/ sold

Rabbit / 35x28cm/ mixed technique/ sold

Three graces / 50x53cm/ dry aquarell/ sold

Black beauty / 60x80cm/ mixed technique

Brothers / 60x80cm/ dry aquarell/ sold

Rendezvous/ 60x80cm/ Mixed technique/ sold

Snowfall in the afternoon/ 50x70 cm/ pastell/ sold

Roe deer in sunflowerfield /70x50cm/mixed technique/ sold


Chamois of the Transylvanien montain                 Wolves/ 70x50cm/ dry aquarell/ sold

70x50cm/ mixed technique/ sold

Pheasant hunter/   40x50cm/   mixed technique/   sold  

Mouflon sheep/  40x50 cm/  dry aquarell/  sold                                                                            


White stag/ 70x50cm/ mixed technique              Chamois/ 40x30cm/mixed technique/sold 


Hungarian "Big Five" kompozition III. /50x70cm/ dry aquarell color-pencil/ sold

Wallow /50x70cm/ dry aquarell color-pencil/ sold

Europian predators /50x70cm/ mixed technique/ sold

Fighters /50x70cm/ dry aquarell-color pencil/ sold

Humgarian "Big Five" /50x70cm/ dry aquarell-color pencil/  sold

Johnny the hunter /40x50cm/ mixed technique/ sold

German hunter dogs /50x70cm/ mixed technique/ sold   

Dog portrait /30x40cm/ dry aquarell/ sold


Mouflon / 50x40cm dry aquarell/ sold              Roe deer / 40x30cm dry aquarell/ sold                                                                                                           

Rush..../40x50cm/ dry aquarell/ sold


Marco- Polo sheep / dry aquarell                             Tiger / dry aquarell


Markhor /dry aquarell/  sold                        Tahr / dry aquarell

    Night&Day /50x70cm/ dry aquarell/ sold

    Fallow deer /dry aquarell/ sold                        Kudus /dry aquarell/ sold


Rhinoceros family / dry aquarell/ sold


Leopard / dry aquarell/ sold

Woodcock / mixed technique/ sold

November /dry aquarell/ sold

Three hares /mixed technique/ sold

The white stag / dry aquarell/ Sold

Wolfs /dry aquarell/  sold                                 Bears /dry aquarell/ sold

The last gnu /dry aquarell/                               Tigers /dry aquarell/ sold

Winter feeling /dry aquarell/ sold                   October /mixed technique/ sold

 The badger's dinner/ dry aquarell                   The wolf's dinner/ dry aquarell/ sold                                                                  

Sable antelope/ dry aquarell

Oryx / dry aquarell / sold


Big Five/ dry aquarell/ sold
Elephants/ dry aquarell/ sold.
    Dream/ mixed technique                                   Red fox/ mixed technique/ sold
    Sommer/ dry aquarell/ sold                             Red deer/dry aquarell/ sold