Fight/70x100cm/oil painting 

Kingfisher in the rain and in snow. Two separated oil paintings on one easel....sold

Running to the fieldland/70x100cm/oil painting

Grey partridge/ 40x100cm/oil painting/sold

Elephant/80x70cm/oil painting/ sold

       Prey/ 100x70cm/oil painting/ sold                          

European bee-eater/ 60x80cm/ oil painting/ sold                                    


                                            Grossglockner/ 100x40cm/ oil painting/ sold

Running roe deer/ 100x70cm/ oil painting

Red deers/70x100cm/oil painting

The bear/ 105x77cm/ oil painting/ sold

Big boys/ 77x105cm/ oil painting

Night visitors/ 100x70cm/ oil painting/sold

Great kudu & weaver-bird / 80x60cm / oil painting 


The night/ 70x100cm/ oil painting/ sold

Buffalo herd/ 73x100cm/ oil painting / sold                           

Flying jewel/100x73cm/ oil painting/sold


                                                   Chamois/ 100x40cm/ oil painting/ sold

Morning mist/ 100x70cm/ oil painting/sold

Horn and bill/ 100x70cm/ oil painting

Bear/ 100x70cm/ oil painting / sold


Rhinoceros/ 100x70cm/ oil painting/ sold

The lion/ 100x70cm/ oil painting/ sold

The wolf/ 50x70cm/ oil painting/ sold

Surprise/ 50x70cm/ oil painting/ sold

Acacia/ 50x70cm/ oil painting

American bison/ 100x70cm/ oil painting

Flowering sloe-bush/ 50x70cm/ oil painting/ sold


The last second/ 70x100 cm/ oil painting/ sold

Eye to eye II. / 70x100 cm/ oil painting/sold

South-African memory/ 70x100 cm/ oil painting/ sold

Challenge/ 60x80cm/ oil painting

Meeting/ 80x60 cm/ oil painting

Evening snowfall/ 45x73cm/ oil painting/ sold

Roe deer from Izsak/ 50x70cm/ oil painting/ sold

Prey/ 70x100cm/oilpainting

Eye to eye/ 60x80cm/ oilpainting/ sold

Three ram/60x80cm/oil painting/ sold

Hungarian "Big Five"   70x100cm  oilpainting/ sold

Driven hunt /  60x80cm/   oilpainting/ sold

African "Big Five" /  70x100cm/  oilpainting/  sold

" Big 4" /  60x80cm/   oilpainting/ sold

On the edge of the forest..../   40x50cm/  oil painting/ sold

October/ 60x80cm/ oil painting/ sold

"Mist -Knight"/ 60x80cm/ oil painting/  sold

Alpine ibex /60x80cm/ oil painting/  sold

Summer in the mountain 50x70cm oil painting/ sold

Running Fallow deer/ 50x70cm oil painting/ sold

Cape buffalo 50x70cm oil painting  sold

The rulers of savanna 50x70cm oil painting

Red stag 50x70cm oil painting, sold


"Gyulaj"60x80cm oil painting, sold                          Lunchtime 50x40cm oil painting


Bubo bubo 50x40cm oil painting, sold                   King fisher 50x70cm oilpainting, sold

Eland antelope 60x80cm oil painting, sold


Great kudus 50x70cm oil painting/ sold                Himbas 60x80cm oil painting

Rise of day...50x70cm oil painting, sold
Mouflon ram / oil painting/ sold 
Buffalo/ oil painting/  sold
             Masai girls oil painting,  sold                      Samburu girl oil painting, sold
             Hamer girl oil painting,  sold                           Erbore women oil painting, sold